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We provide carpet cleaning services using world class technology with modern equipments.
We clean your carpets with environment friendly chemicals which will make your carpets look new and are also good for long life of your carpets.

Price: Rs. 12 per sq. feet

So, Call / Viber us at 9851173176 or hit us on facebook and we will remove all the dirts and stains from your carpets.

Service Overview

A neatly maintained building is an important asset to every organization. It reflects who you are and influences how your customers perceive you to complete depending on the size.
Condition of your home. We work in teams of 2-4 or more. A team leader or the owner.
The housekeepers we hired are professionals who take pride in doing excellent work and in exceeding expectations.
We carefully screen all of our cleaners, so you can rest assured that your home would receive the absolute highest quality of service providing.
Your time is precious, and we understand that cleaning is really just one more item on your to-do list.

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